"Genetic Performance Moves Ranches Forward"

The Performance Genetic Network is the exclusive home to Historical Charts of EPDs, and a database fueling the most comprehensive Search Engine of Angus Genetics ever developed.

Our website provides:

    Customized Search Engine                                     Historical Charts of EPDs
    Individual Performance & Ultrasound Data         Performance DNA-Testing Results
    Multi-Generation Pedigrees                                   Web-based Marketing Plan
    Third Person Commentary                                    Visual Analysis 


An Invitation to become a Member

Performance Genetic Network Membership provides Cattlemen unique and comprehensive tools to enhance their Herd Management and Marketing Plans.

Membership Includes:

  1. Historical EPD Charting:  Our most unique and valuable tool. PGN maintains the only database which provides historical charts of Performance and Ultrasound EPDs. Through a customized set of charts, you will be able to follow the trends of the EPDs belonging to any animal in your herd. We believe the trend of the EPD is as valuable as the EPD itself. These charts can be expanded to include the charted EPDs of the Sire, Dam, and Individual all on the same chart. This becomes a valuable tool to judge a cow unit and realize their potential value.   See an example
  2. Customized Search Criteria:  Your herd records will be entered into the PGN database where they will be made available to perspective buyers. We all know that buyers are the key to the success of your operation. The PGN database will allow your cattle to be compared to other herds in the database, or simply to be searched within your individual herd. With over 35 sortable categories, and hundreds of sortable combinations of data, the PGN database provides more ways for buyers to find you. We don't pretend to know what every cattlemen wants for his cowherd, but we aim to provide him with as many possibilities to find it.   See an example
  3. Data Management:  As breeders, we find ourselves looking "here" for one piece of information, "there" for another. The PGN website brings the pieces together and puts them at your fingertips. A standardized format for every animal creates a virtual one page Sale Catalog. Your cattle will not have to wait for a catalog to be displayed. Display them now. With EPDs changing weekly, PGN will keep those EPDs current, and supply the latest Performance Data Updates making your Sale Day last 365 days a year.   See an example
  4. Record Keeping:  Most Breed Associations now change EPDs weekly. Accurate records are vital pieces of Herd Management. These records, and the EPDs derived from them, make up the core of the PGN website. We will assist you in the submission of these records to ensure their prompt delivery, and familiarize ourselves with your herd. Every record of Registration, Calving, Weaning, Yearling, Ultrasound, and Breeding will be made available.  Your management decisions will be made with complete and up-to-date information.
  5. Sale Catalog Assistance:  Each animal listed for sale on the website has a footnote written by PGN, a third party. Our website reflects our personal observations and is written to find as many marketable traits and analysis as possible. Your Sale Catalog is your personal touch and a reflection of your operation. As a Member, we will collaborate with you in its writing. You may edit our comments and observations for the catalog and add any additional information.
  6. Visual Analysis:  Pictures and Video are keys to a successful marketing plan. There is no EPD for phenotype. The appraisal of phenotype, disposition, and management can provide valuable support to Performance Data and EPD profiles. The PGN website will provide that window into your operation that you don’t have the space for in your catalog. Your customer base will have the ability to see every animal in the Sale, and evaluate any animal on the ranch.
  7. Increase Market Size:  Sale Catalogs consume time and money to produce. Yet, their scope of information is limited. No longer will your marketing plan be limited by the size of your mailing list or the number of pages in your catalog. Our website will spread those dollars out over a greater market area and provide more information to potential customers. This will open opportunities for people to find your ranch, and increase your potential customer base.
  8. Dedication:  A close collaboration with you determines our success. This company realizes that breeders have more cattle than what they put into their Production Sales. We are dedicated to working with those cattle also. As your market-share increases, those cattle will soon come into play. PGN will literally provide 365 days of Marketing, weekly updates to your EPDs and Performance Data, and Visual tools to help you strengthen the perspective of your ranch.

I certainly appreciate your consideration in becoming a Member of the Performance Genetic Network.  We believe we can provide valuable tools for your continued success.   Please feel free to contact us and discuss pricing options.




Jeffrey A Earl

Performance Genetic Network, Owner